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La Bella Acoustic Guitar Phos-Bronze Medium

La Bella Acoustic Guitar Phos-Bronze Medium
Phosphor Bronze
No. of Pieces
Phosphor Bronze Series
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Phosphor Bronze Series

La Bella’s Phosphor Bronze sets are made with our exclusively formulated bronze and tin alloy, producing a brighter tone and longer string life than any other phosphor bronze set on the market. Since its introduction in the 1970s, the Phosphor Bronze Series has become our most popular acoustic set for all genres of music.

Acoustic Guitar

Set 7GPM Medium
.013-E 1 .017-B 2
.026W-G 3 .035-D 4
.046-A 5 .056-E 6

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  • Cork Grip Pick Standard 1.26mm/6

    Cork Grip

    This retro favourite has been around for over half a century. The cushioning piece of cork really lets you gain control of your guitar pick, giving you the ability to keep your pick from sliding off of your finger.

    No. of Pieces6

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  • Lever-lock Capo

    Lever-lock Capo

    Looking for the perfect capo? We have just what you need. This traditional lever capo design is fully adjustable without any chance of slippage. When open it will not fall off your guitar and can be moved up the neck and repositioned quickly. It is made of a reinforced glass fibre material that can wok with both curved and flat necks. With its plastic composition it has less chance of scratching and scuffing your guitars.

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  • Acetal Polymer Pick Small Teardrop 1.52mm /72

    Acetal Polymer

    There’s nothing else like it

    Strength is key to the ultimate performance. The composition of this pick gives you just enough stiffness to give you those killer power chords, but has just enough give so that you’re not busting strings left and right. Plus this pick has a matte surface that prevents it from moving or slipping in-between your fingers.

    ShapeSmall Teardrop
    No. of Pieces72

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  • La Bella 2001 Series Classic Strings, Extra-Hard Tension

    2001 Series® Classical Guitar Strings

    (clear Nylon 202 trebles, silver-plated wound basses)

    The 2001 Series® Classical Guitar Strings are the product of years of intense research and development. During the formulation of the 2001 Series, prototypes were tested worldwide by fine performing artists and teachers. These guitarists expressed a need for classical guitar strings with a greater response, clarity and sustaining power. To meet this demand, La Bella redesigned both the treble and bass strings according to new specifications.

    An innovation, 2001 Extra Hard Tension strings are the first set designed with these heavier gauges. Perfectly balanced on all six strings, this set works well on shorter scale instruments. The silver-plated basses retain a lustrous timbre for a long playing time and do not have a thuddy or dull sonority. Both the nylon trebles and wound basses produce a greater volume from most instruments. These newly designed strings are the first choice of many professional guitarists.

    Set 2001 Extra Hard Tension
    2001XH - E12002XH - B2
    2003XH - G32004XH - D4
    2005XH - A52006XH - E6

    Visit the La Bella website.

  • La Bella Phosphor Bronze Wound 030

    La Bella Phosphor Bronze Wound 030

    Visit the La Bella website.


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