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La Bella Acoustic Guitar Phos-Bronze Bluegrass

La Bella Acoustic Guitar Phos-Bronze Bluegrass
Phosphor Bronze
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Phosphor Bronze Series
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Phosphor Bronze Series

La Bella’s Phosphor Bronze sets are made with our exclusively formulated bronze and tin alloy, producing a brighter tone and longer string life than any other phosphor bronze set on the market. Since its introduction in the 1970s, the Phosphor Bronze Series has become our most popular acoustic set for all genres of music.

Acoustic Guitar

Set 7GPB Bluegrass

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Customers Also Bought

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    Multi-Size Guitars

    These sets are constructed for the instruments used in guitar ensembles and guitar orchestras. They include special gauges using Nylon 202 trebles and silver-plated wound basses.

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  • La Bella Bouzouki Plain Steel - Stainless Steel Wound - Loop-Ends 506


    Plain Steel / Stainless Steel Wound / Loop-Ends

    The Greek long-necked bouzouki, is a bowl-backed lute with either 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings tune dd’d’/aa/dd or d’d’/aa/ff’/cc’.

    Set BZ506
    .010 - D 1 .013 - A 2
    .021W - D 3 .010 - D 1
    .013 - A 2 .010 - D 3

    Visit the La Bella website.

  • La Bella Electric Bass Guitar S.S.5-String Cust Light 40-128

    Stainless Steel Round Wound Series

    Manufactured with old world craftsmanship and modern expertise, the Stainless Steel Round Wound series are the most versatile bass guitar strings on the market. A product used by many great jazz, rock, pop and session players, these perfectly balanced sets are super-flexible for bending and sustaining notes while maintaining a long lasting bright tone.

    Whether selecting materials or designing the construction for these round wound stainless steel sets, La Bella has always consulted with a long list of professional players and instrument makers.

    Since the emergence of the electric bass guitar in the 1950s, La Bella, a pioneer and innovator, will continue its dedication developing superior strings while following this instrument’s evolution.


    Set M42-B Low “B“ Custom Light
    .040 - G 1 .060 - D 2
    .080 - A 3 .100 - E 4
    .128 - B 5

    Visit the La Bella website.

  • La Bella Super Alloy 52 Series Jazz Light 12 - 52

    SUPER ALLOY 52 Series

    The SUPER ALLOY 52 sets appeal to contemporary guitarists because these strings are both bright and tarnish proof. The new design of the outer wrap contains a high iron content (48%). This increases the string’s magnetic properties therefore enhances its electronic response. The wrap’s alloy also includes a high content of nickel (52%) preventing the strings from tarnishing.

    Set SA1252 Jazz Light
    .012 - E 1 .016 - B 2
    .024W - G 3 .032 - D 4
    .042 - A 5 .052 - E 6

    Visit the La Bella website.

  • La Bella Electric Guitar Stainless Steel Flat Wound 042

    La Bella Electric Guitar Stainless Steel Flat Wound 042

    Visit the La Bella website.


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