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  • Center Pitch CP-10XL Tuner

    Center Pitch

    Microphone based, non-clip-on style. Chromatic. This 3 in 1 tuner has a metronome, tuner and pitch generator - ideal for all band and orchestra players.

    The backlit display has the traditional, copyrighted CenterPitch Arrows and includes a 1/4 inch jack for direct plug in. When the instrument is in tune, the red backlight changes to a bright green colour!

    A transposition option is also included for C, B-flat, E-flat, F and G instruments.
    A-Ref from 410 - 450Hz.

    inc. VAT20
  • Intellitouch Chromatic 'Mini' Tuner With Time Display

    The PT-10C Mini's superb right backlight glows RED when your instrument is out of tune, but turns bright GREEN when your instrument's string is in tune. making it perfect for tuning in noisy environments. It is compact, light weight, accurate, reliable and durable.

    The Intellitouch Mini is equipped with a needle display for those who prefer a traditional style of tuner display.

    Fully automatic and chromatic, the Mini is ideal for all plucked-string instruments. It calibrates between 430Hz and 450 Hz.

    Now with time display!
    inc. VAT20
  • Intellitouch Freedom One Digital Wireless Pedal Tuner

    The inventors of the world’s first clip-on tuner now introduce the world’s first wireless pedal tuner. The new Intellitouch® Freedom One is both a high-quality digital wireless link and a super-accurate pedal tuner.

    The Intellitouch® Freedom One provides a crystal-clear digital wireless link between a guitar and a pedal tuner, eliminating the cable normally attached to a guitar. When using the new Intellitouch® Freedom One, the performer is free to roam away from their pedal board and amplifier.

    The Freedom One was designed from the ground up to be uncompressed and squelch-free. The result is an incredibly uncompromised tone.

    Freedom One’s pedal is a wireless receiver and a pedal tuner. It has a large backlit display that changes from red to green when in tune. The tuner is automatic, chromatic, and displays the measured musical note on a large LCD screen for fast and easy tuning. The pedal also has a backlit footswitch that is easy to find on a dark stage.

    • Less Tone Loss Than a Cable!
    • The Wireless Receiver Replaces Your Pedal Tuner - No Need to Give Up Room on Your Pedal Board!
    • Most Affordable Digital Wireless System Available!
    • No More Changing Batteries in the Middle of a Performance - 10 Hour Transmitter Battery Life!
    • Pure 24-Bit Digital Audio with Zero Compression or Squelch Artefacts!
    • 30 Foot Wireless Range

    inc. VAT20
  • Intellitouch PT-10XL Tuner

    The Intellitouch Tuner

    Microphone based, non clip-on style. Chromatic.

    This tuner has the traditional, copyrighted Intellitouch arrows display and a 1/4 inch jack for direct plug in. When the instrument is in Tune, the Red backlight changes to a bright Green colour!

    A-Ref from 410 - 450Hz.

    inc. VAT20
  • Intellitouch PT-40 Rechargeable Tuner

    The New Intellitouch PT40 Rechargeable Tuner

    Combines vibration-based tuning with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery!

    It is automatic, chromatic, and displays the measured pitch on a large, backlit display for easy tuning. The PT40 tuner ignores background noise - it feels the instrument’s vibration instead of using sound. Works on electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more.

    A USB charging cable (included) enables fast charging.

    inc. VAT20
  • Intellitouch PT-50 Bravo Tuner

    The Intellitouch® Bravo combines the traditional tuning accuracy and features one has come to expect from an Intellitouch tuner with a new crystal clear COLOR LCD. The display shows yellow/red arrows when not in tune and 6 Green arrows when the strings are in tune. It has a visual metronome mode, as well as the ability to transpose and display enharmonics. A reversible clip allows more versatility for viewing the display. Works on electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins, woodwinds, brasswinds and more.


    • Feels the Pitch of the Instrument
    • Bright Color LCD Digital Display
    • Auto Power Shut-Off
    • Reversible Clamp
    • Chromatic Tuner and Visual Metronome
    • Transposition and Enharmonic Conversions
    • Single Button Operation
    • Cr2032 Battery Included

    inc. VAT20