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Evans 10" Etched Tom Head

Evans 10" Etched Tom Head
Percussion Type
Drum Heads
Percussion Diameter
Our price
inc. VAT20

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Evans 10" Etched Tom Head

Customers Also Bought

  • Picktac Pick Adhesive Dots 50pcs


    An easy, no mess solution for gripping any guitar pick.

    PickTac is the perfect solution to your pick gripping troubles. Just peel one side of the clear acetate and stick the adhesive dot to your favourite pick. Then peel off the other side of the adhesive. You will instantly have a grip that will not move or shift that you can stick in your ideal location of the pick. As your hand heats, the PickTac will start to mold to your finger for a customized grip. If you need to remove PickTac, just pull up on the PickTac, and it will cleanly remove. PickTac allows you to easily reposition your fingers as needed and leaves no messy residue on your pick or your fingers. You’ll find it to be truly PickTacular.

    No. of Pieces50

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  • Acetal Polymer Pick Rounded Triangle 1.90mm /72

    Acetal Polymer

    There’s nothing else like it

    Strength is key to the ultimate performance. The composition of this pick gives you just enough stiffness to give you those killer power chords, but has just enough give so that you’re not busting strings left and right. Plus this pick has a matte surface that prevents it from moving or slipping in-between your fingers.

    ShapeRounded Triangle
    No. of Pieces72

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  • La Bella HOFNER BEATLE BASS Stainless Steel Fltwnd BB 50-100


    (Registered trademark of Hofner Guitars)

    This set is made up of special lengths and gauges. Each hand made flat wound stainless steel string is calibrated to fit the three different bridge types made by Hofner.

    Stainless Steel Flat Wound

    Ball or Loop-Ends
    Set 760FHBB
    .050 - G1.065 - D2
    .080 - A3.100 - E4

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  • La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass St/less Steel Flt Wnd 104

    La Bella Deep Talkin' Bass St/less Steel Flt Wnd 104

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  • La Bella Irish Bouzouki Plain Steel - Stainless Steel Wound - Loop-Ends

    Irish Bouzouki

    (Octave Mandolin)

    This Celtic folk instrument has a flat back and a long scale neck. Sometimes called an octave mandolin, its four courseware tuned e’e’/aa/dd/GG, one octave below the mandolin.

    Plain Steel / Stainless Steel Wound / Loop-Ends

    Set IBZ508 (2 of each string)
    .011P - E 1 .016P - A 2
    .028W - D 3 .040W - G 4

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